Sunday, 27 January 2013

virgin test

Her Husband Got The Pic When Changing Bulb

Proof That Is G@y

MoM ! I’m on my Period

Amazing Transformation

Girls Body Sizes

A woman wearing nothing vs a man wearing nothing

Slow and Painful

When Calvin Reaches Puberty

Teen pregnancy Barbie is a must have!

Well That’s One Way To Put It

Girl’s logic

Most Effective Way For Birth Control

Why i can’t sleep

Good way to Advertise

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Come on man

My girlfriend asked me to draw something cute

You can see it in your eyes

hey ladies

Angry Bird

Water fighting

She won’t bite unless you want her to


REAL Women

Florida State

Stupid Tricks

Thursday, 24 January 2013

History Of Women Underwear

Girls Kissing Girls

Hey Girls you Know

You’re In My Spot

Hot Female Body Shapes Chart

Yet Another Milk Missile Victim

I Get A Bon*r Whenever I Think About You

Meanwhile On A Beach

Perfect break-up text

Hey Boys, Did You Know

your daughter

hehe.... totally sarcastic...!!!

What if your brain is google

Every morning in the kitchen

Login of a women says…

Before and After

The Hulk let himself free

Big Fail

Searching for something

Video Games

Have a good view

That must hurt

When someone with no mutal friends adds you

What is she doing?





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